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119 - Yeside Linney - BACK TO THE FUTURE

119 - Yeside Linney - BACK TO THE FUTURE


Acrylics, inks and mixed media on canvas board.
The Samarivan is named after the film which gave our children and us so much pleasure when they were young. It was a film that literally changed the future of the adventure movie genre. It’s stood the test of time with breathtaking action, comedy and just brilliantly inventive. Hence the dynamic colour palette!
I thought it was suited to Sarah’s project because it sends a message of being uplifting and positive. Love this concept of a van being a gateway like a bus into a host of emotions and memories which can be restorative.

I immediately engaged with this fundraiser because mental health issues are at the forefront today. Many can be survivors when they are on the edge. During my university days, I attempted to take my own life but luckily, I was found in time. I still have moments of vulnerability but manage the depths with support. I have taught students who could have been helped, had they known support was available 24/7.


Born in Nigeria, educated in England, Yeside Linney is mostly a self-taught Surrey artist with her love of the countryside being the strongest influence on her work. She focuses primarily on semi-representational landscapes and vibrant abstracts. She is also using these to develop an ongoing visual autobiography, examining sense of identity through the conflict of her British education and her denied Nigerian heritage. Yeside works mainly in acrylics and mixed media. Many of her pieces are enhanced through the application of a resin coating. Despite breaking on to the art scene only three years ago she has had considerable success: awarded Runner Up in the 2021 Surrey Artist of the Year competition. Last year she received national recognition winning, both The Euan Millar Abstract Prize and The Susan Angoy Prize for an Artist of Black and Caribbean Heritage in The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2022.

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