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130 - The Peacock And The Printmaker - BEACHED PEACOCK

130 - The Peacock And The Printmaker - BEACHED PEACOCK


Much of my recent work is centred around the coast as that’s where I go to find peace when things get busy in my head. It’s like the sound of the waves washes away my stress. For that reason I wanted to picture the van at the beach. The lighthouse in the background is St Mary’s lighthouse in Whitley Bay - a place very special to me as that’s where my Gramps grew up.
The piece was created in mixed media - I painted the base colours in acrylics then over printed the details in Lino print with oil based inks. I love these inks as the colours have so mush lustre - especially the metallic copper and gold.

Using art to benefit people’s mental wellbeing has always made sense to me. After wanting to be a mum for years, I finally had my daughter. Even though I loved her more than I ever could have thought, there was still a hole - the hole I thought she was going to fill - and now it was getting bigger. Anything that I did for myself before motherhood came along had fallen by the wayside and ‘mum’ was the all consuming (and often overwhelming) part of me.
I went to an open studios at Northern Print in Newcastle and instant felt excited. I got lost in the smells and emotions and knew immediately that I NEEDED my art to help me heal. Lino print became the thing I did for myself when my daughter napped and those wonderful hours made me a better mum because I felt replenished.
I’ve also benefitted from counselling - talking can help so much. Even just vocalising what’s in your head to an impartial party can help you to realise the next steps.
I’m thrilled to be part of this project and raising money and awareness for such an incredible cause.


I am a Lino printmaker based in Newcastle upon Tyne, but I grew up in Warrington in the North West.
Told I needed a ‘proper job’ and being good with children, I taught in primary schools for 17 years. There were many things I loved about teaching but the fact that the arts are squeezed out to make way for the increasing amounts of academic testing made me crave my own art practice all the more.
In September 2023, I went full time as an artist and use my teaching skills to deliver workshops.

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