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018 - Tabitha Wilson

018 - Tabitha Wilson

My Mum was a listening volunteer for over Twenty Years. All volunteers are truly altruistic willingly sacrificing their time to provide comfort and a non-judgmental space to help those in crisis. I am proud of my Mum, and all the thousands of other listening volunteers and friends of the Samaritans who embody the sprit of kindness and service towards others.


Tabitha Wilson strives to capture the natural light as it dramatically saturates the landscape, casting shadows or softening the space in the later summer months, dusky, warm, and slightly flushed. Her interests lie with the natural earth and the impact is has on us. She is drawn to the natural landscape, it might be the way a cloud forms and hangs waif-like, lingering harmlessly, or how it can suddenly transform to smother, encroaching overhead, ominous and menacing.

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