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134 - Suzanne Stallard - BREATHE

134 - Suzanne Stallard - BREATHE


I was thinking about where my place is that I feel okay, it’s by the water and underwater, the van is a cyanotype of Reading waterways and it just ended up being almost a submersible camper. My van is also my happy place, I like nothing more then getting in it and spending time out in nature and breathing.

Samaritans have been a vital lifeline in my family, listening to members of my family who needed that support at a critical time. Without them my life would look very different.
Thank you SG for your continued awareness raising of mental health and making it ‘ok to talk about it’. It is more than okay, we all need to talk and listen more, this really will help save lives.


Suzanne Stallard, artist, activist and a Creative Director of Jelly, an Arts Charity in Reading. Jelly is an organisation built on artists nurturing and developing each other; embedding creative excellence into our diverse community, boasting an impressive 30 years of experience in managing community engagement and co-creation projects.

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