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058 - Sandy Chiu - BUDDY'S DREAM

058 - Sandy Chiu - BUDDY'S DREAM


Acrylic and acrylic gouache on board. In "Buddy’s Dream", my dog Buddy transformed into a camper van, and her favourite toys were brought to life. This artwork not only draws inspiration from my wedding day but also from how my husband and I first met in Australia.

I have experienced anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. It has been the lowest I have ever been in the past few years. With help and support, I am gradually feeling more like myself, and glad to find art again through all of this. It is still an ongoing battle. Mental health struggles are not always obvious, that’s why having a charity like Samaritans is so important.


Sandy Chiu is an artist, illustrator & designer based in Eastcheap Studios, Letchworth, UK. Originally from Taiwan, she lived in Australia and Ireland before settling in London. With a diverse background in philosophy and digital media design, and her experiences as a cabin crew. She creates quirky illustrations, abstract paintings, and everything in between. Her inspiration comes from travelling, love of dogs, personal experiences, and imagination over everyday life. She uses gouache and iPad for illustrations and acrylic or oil for larger paintings in abstraction or figurative. Drawings and colours are two of her favourite ways of expression.

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