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103 - Sandy Campbell - ONCE I WAS LOST, BUT NOW I'M FOUND

103 - Sandy Campbell - ONCE I WAS LOST, BUT NOW I'M FOUND


Acrylic on canvas board.
I titled the Samaravan "I was lost, but now I'm found," referencing my own former mental health struggles, as a message of hope to others. I used colours that are uplifting and that I love; colours that have immense personal significance. And I dedicated it to my brother Michael who is still struggling with his own severe mental health problems.

I suffered from depression for decades before recovering four years ago. My brother still suffers severe mental health issues and was sectioned and admitted to hospital whilst I was taking part in this project. The Samaritans offer an essential and invaluable lifeline that I am hugely proud to be able to support with this fundraising event. Don’t suffer alone. Please, please ask for help.


Sandy Campbell is an abstract painter whose work is firmly rooted in her experience of the declining urban landscape. The abandonment and decay surrounding her first studio in Luton strongly influenced the development of the highly textured and complex surfaces that she creates.
Embracing chance as a methodology, Sandy often listens to music as she playfully and intuitively applies paint to the canvas, responding naturally to what is in front of her, lost in the act of painting. She really enjoys the push and pull between what the canvas dictates and the artist controls.

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