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Acrylic on board

This campaign is special to me because supporting a charity like the Samaritans can save lives and bring people comfort when they feel alone and scared. I sadly lost a friend of mine to mental health issues a few years ago and I’ll never know if the outcome could have been different if he had reached out to the external help he needed. We need to raise more awareness of the charities that are there to help people, we never know what people are going through in life but we can all try to better ourselves and the world around us.


I'm Rachel Tighe and have been a self-employed artist since 2013 working in my modest studio in the Midlands. I left university in 2008 with a first- class degree and have been creating and painting ever since. My subject matter has broadened over the years and given me lots of versatility to explore and work from what inspires me at any given time. I have developed my style over the years and the consistent theme has always been based around colour and composition to create harmony. I am represented by a number of established galleries across the UK and my work has been exhibited in various different countries. This exposure over the years has led me to many exciting and challenging commissions. Painting brings me a lot of happiness and contentment and I hope it evokes a feeling of joy for the viewer.

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