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115 - Penny Howarth - STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT

115 - Penny Howarth - STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT


Mixed media, Acrylic paint, pen and water colour pencil 2023
So a bit about the Artwork for you, we came up with the idea of the van being the Scooby Doo van as it also has a team of helpful people inside traveling around helping to fight darkness and fear
The wheels have a nod to the samaritans with the letter S drawn on them, and the number plate has the samaritans contact number on it.
The name "Scooby Doo" supposedly comes from the last line of the Frank Sinatra Song ‘Strangers in the night” which CBS children's programming executive Fred Silverman took.
- even though you never meet the samaritan on the other end of the phone they are the Same.


Penny Howarth is a Prop maker working in Film, Television, Stop Motion Animation and Theatre she is based in Penarth, South Wales and currently works on Dr Who.
Being involved with Dr Who since 2005 she has made many different props including Daleks, Tardis consoles and Sonic screwdrivers. working in all kinds of mediums and materials from metals, resins and wood to plastic, fabrics and paper mache.
Growing up she loved watching 1980’s horror movies, going to steam fairs, arcades and reading comic books these influences come out in her work.

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