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078 - Nicola Cairns - YELLOW SUBMARIVAN

078 - Nicola Cairns - YELLOW SUBMARIVAN


My Samarivan is painted in Acrylics. My 11year old son said I should paint The Beatles Yellow Submarine as soon as he saw the stencil, so that’s how my Yellow Submarivan came to be! I wanted to paint it in a similar style to the film and use little elements and colours from the animation too.

I am so happy to be part of this exhibition in aid of Samaritans. I think this charity provide such an essential service at a time when more and more people are struggling with their mental health. Even in this modern age when we feel things should be easier it’s never been tougher. The pressures of life are huge and we all need someone to open up to without fear of judgement. The Samaritans have often meant the difference between life and death to some people and they provide a much needed service.


A little about me…
I’m a Scottish born contemporary artist who specialises in figurative work.
I really enjoy painting interesting faces and strong sexy women full of attitude and a slighty androgynous edge. My art is inspired by cinema, fashion, pop culture and music. For example I absolutely love the look of Baz Luhrmann and Tarantino films, where everything is slightly over the top, kitsch and cool. I also grew up loving Hitchcock films, Italian cinema and old MGM musicals, again I love the saturated colours and how crazily over the top they were! I’ve exhibited in Edinburgh, London, New York and Cannes and have work in private collections worldwide.
I also hand paint and customise leather/denim jackets, trainers and soon to be furniture under my brand Forever Wild Custom.
We should all be Forever Wild!

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