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101 - Mike Rollins - STORM RETREATING

101 - Mike Rollins - STORM RETREATING


Acrylic on board.
During my late teens in Yorkshire, when I was feeling particularly low, I liked to drive out to the moors to gather my thoughts. The fresh air and vast landscape helped to calm me and focus my mind. My problems were small compared to the world in front of me.
My Samarivan has driven through the worst of the storm and a brighter day lays ahead. The isolated phonebox offers a lifeline of hope.

Sometimes you can be surrounded by close friends and family, and yet feel utterly alone in your darkest moments – unable, or unwilling, to reach out and talk. I can understand how easy it is, especially for men, to hide desperate feelings and emotions until it’s too late for anyone to help.
That is why the Samaritans and their unsung volunteers must be supported. An anonymous and non judgemental ear may be all that is needed to save a life


Mike is a landscape artist living in Hitchin.
He is also an art tutor, demonstrator, and regular contributor of articles to Leisure Painter Magazine.
Mike has exhibited in London and throughout Hertfordshire. He has twice been a finalist in The Artist Magazine Open, winning the St. Cuthbert’s Mill award in 2017, and was a finalist in the British Art Prize 2022, run by Artists & Illustrators magazine.
He is a member of Herts Visual Arts, the Wynd Gallery, a co-operative group of artists in Letchworth G.C, and a Professional Associate of the Society of All Artists.

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