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055 - Michelle Mildenhall - KINK MY RIDE

055 - Michelle Mildenhall - KINK MY RIDE

I’m so proud to be taking part in the Samarivans project. Knowing that the Samaritans are there for people in their time of need is of great comfort to me as I have close family and friends who suffer with severe bipolar. I am aware that some of them ring the Samaritans regulary as they feel they have no one else to turn to. It’s an incredible thing the Samaritans do on a daily bases and I really hope this amazing fundraiser raises lots of money and awareness for them.


Michelle Mildenhall is a UK based artist, whose work is highly individual, each portrait is meticulously constructed using sheet latex.
Her work explores fetish subcultures, drawing influences from a broad range of sexual fetishes including rubber fetishism, BDSM and sexual objectification. Through her bold imagery, Michelle examines both empowerment and vulnerability often by fetishising iconic personalities in her distinctive pop art style. Her work is confronting and has the power to shock and move the viewer, a feeling that is increased further by the use of a restrained palette, seducing the viewer into a world of disconcerting beauty.
By using popular but somewhat taboo BDSM themes, her artworks exude sexual association, but never touch on obscenity.

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