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170 - Marc Risby - DUB BY NUMBERS

170 - Marc Risby - DUB BY NUMBERS


I’m lucky to live in the orbit of several super talented people including Sarah Graham, Katerina Meccano and Jim Cascarina (all contributing to this project). I’m frequently in awe of their creativity and thought of this idea whilst attempting to relax on holiday - honestly I went no further than thinking it might make them laugh. I found a photo of a VW bus and used an on-line tool to make the painting by number template which I then chose not to respect.

I’m proud to say my father was a Samaritan and I’ve spent quite a few years myself trying to raise awareness around men’s mental health and suicide prevention. The Sam’s provide a crucial service especially during difficulty times. They deserve every penny we can give.


Name: Marc Risby
Age: 51 and 1/3
Favourite colour: Black
Medium: Digital
Allergies: Coriander and musical theatre

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