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112 - Louise Shotter - THE GREYHOUND BUS

112 - Louise Shotter - THE GREYHOUND BUS

This is such a fun project with so many amazing artists taking part. It will be a fabulous exhibition to see all the wonderful samarivans which will I'm sure will make loads of Dosh for the wonderful much needed Samaritans.


Since leaving art school in the ice age I have never stopped working be it jewellery, painting or ceramics.
Most of my work is big so this project has been a challenge and something completely different.
My work has been shown in many galleries and is in many collections all over the world. Including
The Mall galleries in London
The wildlife artist of the year and currently
Byard art in Cambridge
Number four gallery St.Abbs, Scotland-
Dockside gallery Berwick upon Tweed.
My newest body of work are large coilpots covered in drawings of birds, wildlife and even 16 century graffiti which I am loving. Lou.x

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