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144 - Lesa Welch

144 - Lesa Welch

It's impossible to go through life without feeling times of doubt , anxiety, stress, or worry, whether or not you are equipped to deal with that and able to find coping strategies yourself, or whether you feel the need to reach out and find some way of getting through those times, it's always comforting to know that Organisation such as the Samaritans are there. Should you need them, the ability to phone someone day or night and talk through any issue, to know that that person on the other end of the phone will not pass judgements , no agenda, no uncomfortable silence, but just to allow you to work through and find your way, enabling you to find further help should you need it , is reassuring. This service is invaluable.


Lesa is a Lino Print artist originally from Bedfordshire but who now resides in Cornwall. Lesa worked as a secondary school teacher of art for 18 years before setting a goal to move to Cornwall and focus on her own practice.
Lesa has a gallery in Polperro exhibiting her work and supporting other artist , where she also teaches printing skills.
Lesa’s work focusses on her love of the sea & wild swimming . Her intricate designs show inspiration to traditional nautical sailor tattoos & their graphic design style.

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