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061 - Lena Stogneva

061 - Lena Stogneva


Lena grew up in the Soviet Union/Russia and went to drawing school after her normal school day ended and it was there she made first friends and learned basic drawing rules. Lena also spent a lot of childhood with her grandmother, who introduced her to the world of art and was and still is her biggest inspiration.
Lena grew up and got a degree in architecture, which has helped her understand perspective and geometry, especially when drawing street views or city objects - both favourite subjects of hers.
Over the years, Lena has experimented with many different drawing materials, doing quick pen sketches on holidays and in her spare time. During pandemics she discovered watercolour. Very soon it became her favourite drawing material.
Lena is specialising in urban landscapes and focuses on the play on light, shadows and emotions of the city. Lena transforms the art to visual storytelling, making the bridge between Contemporary Art and Illustration.

Recent Exhibitions and Performances
Letchworth Open 2022. Broadway Gallery. Letchworth UK, 2022
10th Anniversary of Urban Sketchers London Exhibition. The Art Pavilion. Mile End. London, 2022 Fabriano Aquarello 2023.
Watercolour Festival. Bologna. Italy, 2023. Represented England. Big Art Fair 2023 (Herts Visual Arts). Hitchin, 2023. Sponsors and Visitors Vote awards. Letchworth Open 2023. Broadway Gallery. Letchworth UK, 2023 National Post Card Competition.
North Yorks Art School. Scarborough UK, 2023. Winner of the competition.

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