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044 - Lee Madgwick - THE WAGON

044 - Lee Madgwick - THE WAGON


Acrylic on canvas board

It is an honour to be part of such a vital cause. A life-saver for so many, this charity is an enormous comfort and help for those struggling and in need during their most fragile and toughest of times.


Lee Madgwick’s mysterious and emotive paintings depict scenes of abandonment, seclusion and dereliction. Both his urban and rural pictures portray parts of the modern landscape that are often overlooked by many. His work is best described as ‘imagined realism.’ Together with a brooding sky and concentrated light a sense of drama is formed, a narrative is set in motion and the subject matter is thrown into question. Who inhabits these places? What lives do they lead? What has happened or what is about to happen? Lee paints in water-mixable oils and acrylic paint. He has exhibited in the UK, Europe and America and is featured in private art collections around the world.

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