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131 - Krystal Wong - A WILD ADVENTURE

131 - Krystal Wong - A WILD ADVENTURE


Acrylic on canvas board

Samaritans is a charity that is very close to my heart and a much needed source of comfort and support to so many people. I hope this campaign will shine a light on the awesome work that the Samaritans provide and I'm so blessed to be able to contribute to this amazing campaign.


Krystal Wong is an Illustrator, Graphic designer and Artist born and bred in London. She is known for creating colourfully bold and playful works depicting memories of growing up in London. Krystal’s artworks are heavily influenced by local landmarks, people and nature. Pulling inspiration from her surroundings and vivid colours found in life and nature; Krystal’s pieces create an environment of sweet nostalgia for the viewer.

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