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060 - Kiran Patel (Illustrating Rain) - IMAGINED WORLDS

060 - Kiran Patel (Illustrating Rain) - IMAGINED WORLDS


Acrylic and Pen on canvas

I think the Samaritans provides a vital resource for people at times in their lives when support is most needed. A symbol of humanity for creating a safe space for individuals that can make the world of difference.


Kiran Patel is an artist working under the name of Illustrating Rain. Using the concept of translating the ephemeral nature of thought into a visual form. Her work is driven through a desire to translate her inner experiences into a creative expression and so through the medium of ink and pen work she documents her inner awareness to create a visual language in the world of form
She has exhibited throughout the UK and sells her artworks internationally. Her work has been used by brands such as Starbucks, Shiseido and Clarins. Kiran Patel wrote and illustrated her first book titled The Spirit of Creating with an accompanying podcast, to encourage and inspire others to embark on their own creative journeys.

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