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124 - Katie Hounsome Illustrator

124 - Katie Hounsome Illustrator


“FR55DOM” was drawn by hand on a digital programme called Procreate and I have produced a Giclee print of the final art work.

I am a huge advocate of talking openly about mental health issues with the aim (for me personally) to help others and take advantage of the help that is out there to begin the process to recover. I have been following Sarah for a few years now, and she openly shares such an important story with everyone. She shows you that you are not defined by a period in your life where you struggled, that help can be sort, and that self-understanding comes to have a transformative effect on your future. During lockdown I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Counselling, medication, and cognitive behavioural therapy have been invaluable to me in my personal journey to manage my symptoms.

What I find so impressive about the Samaritans if you can call them at any time, to talk about anything. They are not given a backstory or a session time to prepare themselves for the phone call they are going to take, they are ready to dedicate their time to help that caller in any way they can, without judgment or fear of what they might hear. A truly selfless and beautifully safe environment which in short, saves peoples lives.

The Samarivan I have produced “FR55DOM” shows the T1 Campervan driving alongside an isolated sunset beach. There is something inherently freeing about going away on holiday and taking the time you need for a break to disconnect from it all. When I was younger, I went on camping trips every year with my family, albeit not in a T1 Campervan, and my parents lied and told me our caravan couldn’t have a television because it was ‘too old’, so we drew pictures, walked, and played games together. I am eternally grateful for what this small white lie, especially in today’s face-pace-connected world, where we rarely step back and disconnect fully. It taught me that walking in wood’s can calm me down, that clients do not disappear if I do not email back immediately and that having a day in bed will not see my business crumble around me if that is what I need. I still have days where I struggle, the above bed-day is real, some days I do not move from the sofa, sometimes I do not want to leave the house or see people. But those moments are just that, small transient moments and I know there is help out there. I hope the Samarivan’s exhibition is a huge success so the Samaritans can continue to offer an important service to anyone who needs it.


Katie is a full time digital illustrator. She enjoys working with bright, limited colour palettes and is inspired by the simple, bold Art Deco posters from the early twentieth century. She works with both private and business clients covering a range of subjects from people and landscapes, to buildings and cars. She loves to explore her local area and has drawn over 80 Travel Posters for landmarks around Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire. She is a mum to two young girls one of who is an inspiring illustrator herself.

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