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050 - Katerina Meccano - BABA-YAGA-VAN

050 - Katerina Meccano - BABA-YAGA-VAN


Pencil and ink

The legendary Slavic character Baba Yaga. Pre-Christianity she was the goddess of women, a wise woman, benevolent to all, much too powerful in the eyes of the Church. They demonised her, painted her as an ugly, emaciated hag, living in the forest, her house on chicken legs. During my menopausal journey, I felt outcast, disregarded by our Society, one that is focussed on youth and beauty. It was at times, dark and lonely...

But the times, they are a-changin! The negative portrayal of an ageing woman is no longer acceptable. Baba Yaga's not hiding in the forest anymore, she’s taking to the road with her magical, healing wisdom.


I am Katerina Meccano, a freelance graphic designer and commercial illustrator. A lifelong artist, lover of pattern and nature, my work features strong lines, is often figurative but is always an exploration of tone and colour. I work in many mediums: pencil, ink, gouache, oil, textiles and digital painting.

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