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029 - K Tee - HARRYVAN

029 - K Tee - HARRYVAN

The Samaritans clearly pay a vital role in many peoples lives and I am in awe of this charity and many others who have been saving lives for many years and will continue to do so.
After meeting Sarah and learning of the life she had at the time I feel extremely proud of her to be where she is today and feel exceptionally grateful she asked me to participate in this fun idea to raise awareness and money for them.


I have been painting and creating since a young age so it was no surprise that I found myself in a creative industry in my early 20s. The very first Harry Potter film was the beggining, I was hooked, I’ve worked on over 45 major films over the past 23 years and have enjoyed every moment making and painting some of the most magical props in the industry. To this day I absolutely love going into work.
It’s also allowed me to express my art outside of the film walls with skills that I have only learnt on the job. I work with a bunch of very talented people who keep me inspired every day.
My Samaritan is a nod to this first film that stated it all for me. Have fun looking for my wand box if you ever visit the Harry Potter world. That name is Katie Lodge.

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