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166 - Judy Century

166 - Judy Century


Created with acrylic paints, my Samarivan represents hope blooming, and hope is something vital that the Samaritans provide. I embraced the retro theme of the campervan with my design and chose one of my favourite paintings from my current collection to inspire the piece. I packed the van bursting full of vibrant abstract flowers to represent the idea of hope and life blooming. The colours and expressiveness of the painting is designed to be joyful and uplifting and the abstract nature of the background is designed to evoke an emotional response, leaving some elements up to interpretation by the viewer!

I’m delighted to support this fantastic charity which is a lifeline to so many people. One of the benefits I get from painting is the escapism and the opportunity to ‘switch off’ from the pressures and demands of everyday life. I am lucky to have this outlet and can appreciate how important but how difficult maintaining positive mental health can be. I hope by combining my love of painting with this great cause, I can help others in this space.


I'm a north London based artist who creates vibrant, contemporary paintings inspired by the natural world. I'm drawn to structure and patterns in nature, and particularly focus on capturing flowers bursting into life with their elegant, powerful forms. I enjoy capturing the essence of flowers or landscapes, sometimes more abstracted than others, and stylising them to make them my own with expressive marks and patterns. I also play with bold backgrounds, dramatic marks and scale, to create an interesting contrast with the delicate nature of the subject matters.

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