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099 - Helen Laycock - CLOUD CUCKOO VAN

099 - Helen Laycock - CLOUD CUCKOO VAN


Egg Tempera and Gold Leaf

Thrilled to be involved in this project for such a worthwhile cause. This artwork combines two of my favourite things …I love painting birds and art that makes me smile.
I have long been inspired by the Aristophanes comedic play The Birds where the birds were encouraged to build a wonderful city in the sky ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’. What fine city is complete without a fabulous camper van?!
The phrase has now come to mean a fantasy or impractical notions .. perfect!


I studied Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and have taught Art and Design for more years than I care to think about. I mainly work in egg tempera and gold but also love to draw and to explore a variety of media. Two of my little birds were exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and I currently exhibit at Kellie Miller Arts in Brighton as well as a variety of exhibitions.

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