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118 - Harriet Tanswell - IF BARBIE HAD A SAMARIVAN

118 - Harriet Tanswell - IF BARBIE HAD A SAMARIVAN


Acrylic and crystals on canvas


For my final show at Chelsea, I had the opportunity to exhibit a collection of pink billboard paintings outdoors alongside the Tate Britain, where my installation spanned the entire west side wall of the Tate. I usually paint quite large, often pink, accidentally political with honesty around taboo subjects. Sarah asked for Samarvans to be PG so I've chosen a quote I believe represents both Sarah and the cause. During my masters, I went in to Chelsea & Westminster a&e after having issues with my peripheral vision, severe headaches and nausea. I expected to be told "migraine" instead I was told I had a brain tumour which would be gone within a year or radiotherapy and surgery. This never actually happened, two transsphenoidal neurosurgeries later and the road to recovery has been long which has in turn, impacted my mental health, it's hard to know what is normal anymore, is it the tumour, the treatment, the steroids etc. Whilst I've never had help from Samaritans, I'm aware they're there if needed and for that I feel this is such an important cause.

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