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028 - Gary Armer - DRIFTING AWAY

028 - Gary Armer - DRIFTING AWAY


Oil on canvas board
Drifting Away continues the theme that I've been exploring of retro toys but with a twist... as the toy van and camping gear is depicted as if it is floating, or "drifting away"... the feeling that many people struggle with when going through a difficult time, where it literally feels like life and control is drifting away.
As with many of my artworks the title is also inspired by one of my favourite pieces of music, this time by the song of the same name by Faithless.

I was delighted to be invited to donate a work for the Samarivans campaign. The work that the Samaritans charity does is invaluable and knowing that during our most challenging times there is always someone to talk to, who will fully listen without judging, is an incredibly reassuring and powerful thing.


Gary Armer is an award-winning British contemporary artist who seeks to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.
His exceptionally detailed oil paintings are still life for the consumer age, inviting the viewer to get lost in the remarkable shapes, colour, light and depth that are captured in each unique work of art.
Winner of The British Art Prize 2022, Gary has the imagination and vision to paint ordinary subject matter in a way that takes them beyond their function. The artist is fascinated by possessions and collections that tell a story and evoke memories and emotions in the viewer.

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