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059 - Fiona Wilson - STEALTH CAMPER

059 - Fiona Wilson - STEALTH CAMPER


Acrylic on Canvas
I joined the party late, so acrylic was the best choice as it dries quickly. I started by making a rough drawing and layering the paint, sanding back and re-layering, but it wasn't working for me. So in a risky moment, I sanded the whole painting back leaving a ghost of what was there before and redrew the camper. I then spent a meditative 5 hours painting it back again, finishing with layers of translucence paint to add atmosphere and a feeling of fading light in the forest.
The theme of the painting is of finding solace in the forest. The only time my mind is at rest is when walking through woodlands, listening to the nature around me, and seeing the magic the evening sun shining through the trees and lighting up the leaves above. When life gets too much, all I want to do is go and hide in the woods and live a calm and peaceful life.

In our society, mental health is still relatively taboo subject. The health provision for help and treatment in the UK is severely lacking and private options are expensive and difficult to choose.Often people with mental health problems are left feeling alone and confused, so organisations like the Samaritans, can provide a much needed lifeline.
I have recently been diagnosed as ADHD but have suffered a lifetime of depression and mis-diagnosis with the few sessions with NHS psychologists I have managed to get. I called the samaritans in one of my moments of despair and having someone that will listen without judgement of you was invaluable.
This service is badly needed as life becomes harder, especially for those with lower incomes. I have put a full week's work of love and attention into making this painting for the show and I hope that my efforts will raise a good amount of funds for the charity.


Fiona Wilson's paintings evoke a feeling of nostalgia through the portrayal of figures caught in thought or action and of timeless places visited or imagined. Her recent work aims to distill the image down to the simplest of forms which is then enlivened with bold brush marks and textural surfaces. She is an accomplished draftsperson, having studied classical figure painting and drawing for over a decade, and uses these skills, to tell stories of human desires and longing.
After graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1991, Fiona Wilson taught Art & Design subjects in UK Universities & Collages until 2004, when she left to pursue her dream and passion of being a dedicated painter and printmaker.
Fiona shows regularly in galleries and has pieces in private collections across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia as well as works in the prestigious public UK Art Fund.

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