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Acrylic paints and coloured pencils on canvas board.
I love dogs, my own dog, Jenson brings me a lot of joy and i want to spread joy through my artwork. So of course Jenson is involved in my painting! He's driving his mates to bring happiness and hugs to anyone who needs it.
Rainbows feature heavily in this piece, not only are they colourful, but for me they represent hope. When it rains that's when rainbows appear.
The word love is written on the van because we all need to love ourselves as well as each other. If you are finding it hard to love yourself right now, "U R FAB" is the reg plate to remind you that you are fab and there are people in your life who know that and love you.

Having struggled with my own mental health since I was a teenager it was important for me to be involved with the Samarivan campaign. Having the right support and help now allows me to live and manage my OCD, one of the many things that helps is spending time being creative. It’s not always easy and knowing there are charities like the Samaritans offers hope that there is someone who can help in times of need. I have family members who are volunteers for the Samaritans, and along with all the amazing volunteers in the UK, they are saving lives and giving hope to so many people who are struggling.


Hi, I’m Fiona, an illustrator and mixed media artist based in Hertfordshire. I would describe my style as colourful and quirky. I love bright colours and I try to feature a dog in my work when I can! My dog Jenson is driving the Samarivan!
I enjoy painting with gouache, acrylics and watercolours but I will use a variety of mediums to achieve the right texture and finish in my artwork.
I also run a small creative business designing products with my illustrations. My designs are for the young at heart and are created to bring joy to someone’s day.

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