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087 - Debbie Knight - LOOP

087 - Debbie Knight - LOOP


Oil on canvas board

Inspired by a piece I created during lockdown where I covered a 2’ square panel in small painted circles. It references both the Covid circle and the way our worries loop around in our heads. Talking things through helps to break the loop; for those who think they are alone, there is always Samaritans


Working predominantly with oil paint, Debbie Knight has spent the last few years building a vocabulary of marks and painting in an expressive and abstract manner. Her work is ever evolving, but fundamentally she returns to the same core themes; she has a deep interest in ancient history, myth and faith, man's origins and common dreams. This, coupled with being a keen observer of the world around us, both natural and man made, its structures and constructs, all have a voice within her work. Through colour and layering, texture, scratches, adding and removing paint, Debbie builds an image which is open for the viewer to interpret, but shows an outward expression of the drama that has built the image.

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