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153 - Daniella Coronel Saavedra - IT'S GOING TO BE A LOVELY DAY

153 - Daniella Coronel Saavedra - IT'S GOING TO BE A LOVELY DAY


Acrylic on canvas board

Samaritans are for me this group of wonderful people who made a choice in life to help people suffering from mental health. This campaign feels to me will spread awareness of Mental health as a common reality encouraging people to reach out for help making mental health less of a taboo.

'It’s going to be a lovely day' It’s the title chosen for my Samarivan. Through layers of colour I aim to express The Samarivan being filled by sunshine leaving the dark behind. Once you reach out for help, there is going to be a turn, a turn in a more colourfull way of looking at life and us.


Daniella is a Bolivian contemporary semi-abstract painter living in Hitchin. Her colourful paintings and distinctive personal style expresses the vibrant spirit of the South American culture. She explores colour and composition working mainly with various sizes of palette knives. Her paintings evoke the idea of 'building the image with colour'.

Daniella studied Architecture in Mexico at ITESM. In 2006 she earned a Master of Arts in Architecture from Greenwich University. She worked as an architect for 12 years in countries such as Bolivia, UK, Switzerland and Brazil. Becoming a mother was when she started following her passion for the arts.

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