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171 - Dan The Scribbler - RUN FOR IT MARTY

171 - Dan The Scribbler - RUN FOR IT MARTY


This piece was inspired by my first association with this fine vehicle, featuring in Back to the Future in 1985. Produced as a digital illustration and printed onto textured fine Art paper.

I have never called the Samaritans but there have been times when I should have. This amazing volunteer-led charity serves a vital purpose in our communities, and with funds raised from this amazing auction, will be able continue helping people in need.


Dan's work is graphic, colourful and fun, and his inspiration comes from the imagery used in popular culture, signage, packaging, picture books and the absurd things in life.

He studied Graphic Arts at university (ages ago) and more recently (but still quite a long time ago) did an MA in Illustration. He has spent a large part of his career working in the publishing industry but since becoming freelance, he has worked for a wide variety of clients, from Whopper Internationals to tiny local companies.

Dan's digital illustration and graphic design has been commissioned for children's books, magazine art, poster art, utility bills, milk cartons and promotional material.

He was nominated for the Blue Peter Book Prize in the Best Book with Facts category for Dara O'Briain’s children’s book, Beyond the Sky.

He has exhibited his paintings and illustrations in group shows on several occasions and as a solo artist in 2020.

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