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122 - Callum Abbott - POLOS LEFT ON THE MINI BUS

122 - Callum Abbott - POLOS LEFT ON THE MINI BUS


Paint pens on canvas board. As a campervan image wouldn't be very fitting considering my artistic output I decided to use the initial stencil as a starting point for an abstract piece and the result is an intuitive response to that stencil.

As someone suffering with Bipolar I am thrilled to be part of the Samarivans exhibition to raise money for a cause so close to my heart. For me mental health has been a rough ride but knowing there is somebody impartial at the end of the phone is a blessing and incredibly important in this crazy world in which we now live.


Callum Abbott works primarily in the field of abstract drawing but is not tied down to this medium exclusively. The artist frequently creates collages, performances and sculptures in addition to his drawing practice. Drawing however, is the strong thread tying his work together: the immediacy of mark-making has taken him on a journey into abstraction, where organic forms dance between angular lines and planes of colour to create depth and for the artist, “a kind of balance.” Abbott’s work is tactile, visceral, bodily and gestural and through spontaneity and intuition each piece is only resolved when equilibrium is reached.

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