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125 - Becky Ullah - A WAKING DREAM

125 - Becky Ullah - A WAKING DREAM


Acrylic with resin, silver leaf and glitter.

Personally, the combination of transference combined with challenging workloads led to high levels of anxiety and ultimately burnout. Having worked as a doctor in psychiatry and general practice, Becky handed out the Samaritans number many times as a safety net to those in need. With the challenges the NHS faces, she has seen how much Samaritans and its amazing volunteers, help people endlessly when needed the most.


After working as a doctor in Hertfordshire for 15 years, Becky sought solace from burnout with art. What started as a therapeutic process, turned into the lifetime dream of becoming an artist. She enjoys fusing different styles that she has explored, from drip-painting to resin art. For many years Becky was inspired by the idea of combining florals with beautiful anatomical paintings. Alongside her vibrant art she is creating a collection of detailed medicinal botanicals, which fuse her medical knowledge with her love for plants and art.

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