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023 - Alanna Eakin - LET'S GLOW

023 - Alanna Eakin - LET'S GLOW


Acrylic on canvas board
I used some frog tape for the first time! Otherwise just regular brush and paint

The work of the Samaritans is invaluable. Their work saves lives and fundraising is fundamental for raising crucial awareness and to gain funds to carry out their work. Seriously pleased I can contribute!
My experience is not directly linked with the Samaritans. However in the past 11 years my life has changed drastically due to long-term illness and inevitably my MH has been effected greatly. I feel that painting definitely saves me all the time, I am not sure where I would be with creating happy pictures!!


Alanna Eakin (b.1988) is an emerging British painter currently living and working in London. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin’s London.
?Alanna's work is concerned with themes of nature, escapism and nostalgia. She has a particular interest in colour, light and abstract mark making.
She collects references from the everyday, from travels to exotic places and from memories both present and in childhood. Imagination, memory and imagery allow her to translate a dreamlike scenario onto the surface, playing with colour, light and dimensions.

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